When the conventional techniques are combined with modern design concepts, new opportunities take birth.

As a independent business unit within EWG Corp, esəns™ combines the experience in watch design with competent knowledge in material science and technology.

Headquartered in Finland, esəns™ has got its R&D department in the heart of Switzerland - in Zurich, where the watch industry was established in early centuries.

*Note: Our catalogue includes unique collection of timepieces which we deliberately do not wish to put up on a public domain. For access, please drop us an email - sales@esensdesign.ch


Finland HQ: Urho Kekkosen Katu 5b 22
Ph: +358 40 6482172
Business ID: 2712187-3

R&D: Fortunagasse 15, CH8001 Zurich, Switzerland
Ph: +41 43 508 67 27
Email: sales@esensdesign.ch

esəns™ watches are tagged with the label 'Swiss Made’ - which means, they are made in Switzerland. To carry that label, a watch needs to be assembled with Swiss components, including the movement and also the final quality check has to be done in Switzerland.

The watches are shipped out of Zurich along with the certificate of origin.