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Passion and persistence are what move the people behind ESENS, striving constantly to create innovative cutting edge designs. Our mission is to make modern design concepts available to the urban-minded customers. ESENS is an expert in designing home and office furniture and lighting concepts combining its expertise in conventional and automated furniture production with its own concept of implementing it within modern living and working environment.

At ESENS, we're passionate about what we design and develop - and take pride in achieving the best results for our clients. We have skilled architects and interior consultants for whom design is more than just furniture and lighting. Their design and tech knowledge can help you transform your home/office into a smart living/working environment.

*Please note that ESENS is now merging into NxWerks.



ESENS focuses on developing new products but chooses only to put into production of those that express new concepts. Our product design and development phase has taken years of progressive research to analyse materials, shapes, processes and operating modes.


When ESENS embarked on its journey to creating our first few projects, it believed the process would be as minimal as the products themselves. Instead, it took over two years of intense research, multiple prototypes and of course, a couple of lucky breaks before we got our products in the market. ESENS is proud of its hard-earned expertise, which it now applies to the expansion of its product line and to in-depth custom furniture and lighting projects for the trade.

ESENS works closely with architects and designers on initial concepts or detailed specs to produce a complete design and engineering package prior to sample production, approval and final production.

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One of the most important elements in planning ergonomic workplace is functionality of the furnishings. Our work desks enable matching function to the individual own needs with special care about office space ergonomics during individual work as well as team-work. Wide choice of forms, finishings and accessories gives you unlimited possibilities in arrangement and furnishings of every office.



Sofas and chairs set the most elastic part of the workplace furniture. You can use them in relax zones as well as in the collaboration or in the reception areas. Your company staff are more willingly change usual office chairs into big-in-size, comfortable and upholstered chairs or the sofas in order to discuss work, new tasks, solve problems or take part in a meeting right there. A workplace furnished with appropriate furnishing provides not only less formal character of the space but also helps to arrange acoustically separated areas which positively influence to well-being and effectiveness of the office staff. It matters a lot when it comes to productivity!



Your reception area is an architecture showcase of your entire workplace - an area that builds your first impression! Your client or a visitor stops here only for a while - however, those couple of minutes decide whether they are in a appropriate place or not. Our solutions for reception areas emphasise on quality of design, functionality and spaciousness of your workplace that helps you to present your professionalism and build trust for your brand.



In this modern era, nobody can imagine a workplace without any technology solutions support. Interactive boards are becoming more and more popular than whiteboards and videoconferences upgrade communication with business partners. Solutions offered by ESENS are perfect supplements to the conference furniture or to the collaboration areas.



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